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Business sectors

Research Sector

Though conducting research in all fields: social, economic and educational systems, Indicators seeks to play its role in the development and redrawing policies of decision makers

Business Sector

By developing systems and procedures to analyze and benefit from data about the market, customers, clients, and competitors, the profits of companies increases and their incomes constantly increasing

Humanitarian Sector

In order to improve the humanitarian projects provided to beneficiaries, Indicators seeks to contribute to its humanitarian mission by increasing the utilization of information and data

Why Indicators?


The Consultancy that Indicators offers are in a wide range of data management and analysis. Our team provides consultation in the design and testing of questionnaires, the appropriate data analysis mechanisms, and helps to select the most appropriate sample of the studied society with respect to determinants Time, budget and study objectives as well as consulting in the fields of M&E, humanitarian needs assessment, SOP designing, and quality control.

Interactive reports

by using specialized software such as Microsoft Power BI that automatically imports data and displays results after linking the program to the data source and designing the required report form, interactive graphs are displayed by clicking on any slide of the report to be updated simultaneously to display Data and results for that slide, it also displays the data as interactive maps and links all graphs and maps to interact as one report.

Statistical tests

The initial results of any study survey or analysis may not be representative of all groups or the studied society, therefore, to verify these results and to make sure that they are correct and did not face any errors during the data collection or analysis The most important of which are tests of the reliability and accountability of questionnaires, Indicators conducts tests of descriptive statistics, correlation tests, and tests to find the relations between different study factors.


The Dream of Indicators is that each organization (in humanitarian, business, and research sectors) to have a department or team that specializes in research and data analysis. This team helps to develop the business policies of the organization. To make this dream come true, Indicators provides a variety of training programs and Coaching these exercises revolve around the development of data collection tools, data management, and data analysis, in addition to the skills of report writing and policy papers, statistical control.

Data analysis

by using the most popular data analysis programs such as IBM SPSS, Microsoft Power BI, and Microsoft Excel which contain advanced tools for data analysis so that the preliminary analysis of data in addition to cross-tabulation, and studying relationships between them to help discovering the information is important in the formulation and development of policies and procedures and increases the degree of utilization of companies resources and reduces the rates of waste and losses.

Quality control

Japan has been a pioneer for all countries of the world in quality management after applying the ideas of William Deming the founder of quality science and then the other countries have started working on the application of quality systems. The quality control processes and the implementation of quality systems help to ensure the highest quality of products and services provided to reduce waste and errors in production processes which increases the confidence of customers and adherence to their products.


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