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Investment Research

Investing in new projects is risky for capital, especially in the presence of competitors and challenges of entering a new market, that is why investors need to rely on consulting institutions. INDICATORS Center provides you a clear vision about the market to ensure success in your project.

Our services in investment research:
1-Project idea validation.
2-White paper: provides information and general statistics about the target working sector.
3-Market analysis.
4-Analysis of foreign markets.
5-Feasibility study.
6-Business model development.
7-Marketing plan development.

How does INDICATORS help you with investment research?
1-Prevent the waste of money by directing it to right investment areas.
2-Determine the suitable market entry which ensures the company’s success in spite of the Intense competition.
3-The presence of consultants who have a wide experience in the investment field and entrepreneurship.
4-INDICATORS’ partners contribute to the administrative, financial and legal areas in completing the requirements for successful investment.

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Product Development

Although a lot of money is spent to start up a business, many companies fail and close down due to not developing products that are able to compete in markets. For contributing to companies’ success, INDICATORS provides the service of product design and development.

Our services in products development:
1-Competitor analysis to determine the market entry.
2-Analyze client segments and find out the reasons beyond the low demand of products.
3-Product design.
4-Product testing and development.
5-Business model development.
6-Marketing and sales planning.

How does INDICATORS help you with product development?
1-Design products that have better features comparing to other competing products.
2-Avoid wasting capital, and directing it towards production and marketing activities.
3-Gather information about competitors to take advantage of them and find the market entry.
4-Develop promotional tools and sales channels for greater reach-out to the target segment.
5-Determine the price of the product that makes profits for company and can compete in the market.

Marketing Research

INDICATORS ensures increasing the sales, the continuity of the company, and maintaining its market share by applying effective and practical marketing plans.

Our services in marketing research:
1-Analyze and determine target clients segments.
2-Build E-Marketing plans.
3-Build promotion and field marketing plans.
4-Set sales programs and estimate the revenue.
5-Train the sales staff.
6-Provide research to expand in new markets and products.

How does INDICATORS help you with marketing research?
1-Increase the company’s market share and enter new local and foreign markets.
2-Build marketing plans that suit customers through analyzing their purchasing habits.
3-Put innovative marketing ideas to develop the sales methods.
4-Analyze competitors and predict future competitions.

Testing Customer Experience

The presence of some weaknesses in the products or in the way of presenting it leads to losing clients. In order to prevent its occurrence, INDICATORS center provides the service of testing customer experience.

Our services in testing the customer experience:
1-Customer survey to determine the satisfaction level and the reasons beyond its decrease.
2-Analyze received complaints and feedback.
3-Build the complaints tracking system.
4-Build systems and tools that motivate customers to provide their feedback and complaints.
5-Analyze customer experience and test sales process starting from promotion, marketing, sales, and After-sales services.

How does INDICATORS help you with testing customer experience?
1-Study and tested products from the customer perspective.
2-Experience in designing tools and systems of feedback and complaint.
3-develop indicators that help with real-time follow-up of client satisfaction level.
4-The presence of field teams trained for conducting interviews with clients.
5-Provide innovative ideas of accompanying services that contribute to enhance the client satisfaction.

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Business Follow-up Platform

Following-up the company activities and the departments and employees performance is considered hard work and takes a lot of time. Using INDICATORS’ interactive report enables you know all the updates about your business with one click.

Our services in business follow-up platform:
1-A platform for following-up Human Recourses and employees’ performance.
2-A platform for quality control.
3-A platform for monitoring sales.
4-A platform for monitoring supply and warehouses.
5-A platform for monitoring company’s branches.

How does INDICATORS help you with business follow-up?
1-Developing a platform that helps with real-time follow-up.
2-Saving a lot of time for required meetings, telephoning for following up businesses.
3-The ability to follow up businesses wherever the business owner travels .
4-The ability to follow up all business details and even each individual employee.

Social Media Analysis

Social media has become one of the most important marketing platforms, and becoming more influential than traditional ways, but many companies do not have a clear vision on marketing their products through those platforms.

Our services in SM analysis:
1-Setup the E-marketing plan to increase sales.
2-Analysis of new markets.
3-Customer Segment Analysis.
4-Analysis of competing products activities.
5-Analysis of the feedback and complaints about a particular product.

How does INDICATORS help you with SM analysis?
1-Market analysis at low costs compared to traditional market analysis methods.
2-Facilitate access to information on purchasing habits for a wide range of customers.
3-Provide detailed information to help build a new market entry plan.
4-Facilitate a real-time monitoring of customer activities and competing products.

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