About Indicators

Indicators is a research institution specialized in analytics and data processing, provides services in three main sectors: business, humanitarian and research.

Our dream

Supporting decision makers in different institutions, companies and humanitarian organizations with information that provide clear insights to make more effective decisions. In addition to developing the capabilities of these institutions in the field of dealing with data and information through training and consulting. In addition to Contribute to raising the level of knowledge in the research methods, development of data collection tools, and data analysis and management.

Researchers Team

Gaith Al Bahr

Executive Director

Holds a Bachelor degree and a Masters in Mathematical Statistics, and preparing for PhD in statistics. Worked in the field of statistical studies for many years, provided consultancy to many companies, organizations, and research institutions. Published several books in the field of statistics and the development of data collection tools and statistical tests.

Khaled Brram

Data Analyst

Has a BA in Mathematical Statistics, worked in data analysis for several years, and has advanced experience in several statistical programs including IBM SPSS, Excel and Microsoft Power BI with experience in designing electronic questionnaires such as Kobo, Magpi and Google, and info-map programs like QGIS and Arc GIS.

Ghais Humaidan

Data Quality Officer

Has Bachelor of Laws and Master of Business Administration, worked in the field of data collection and the management of data collection logistics for several years, in addition to data auditing and data quality control. Also, has shared in publishing several manuals about the skills of data collection and quality control.

Anas Jamous

Field Coordinator

Has good knowledge in business administration, and advanced experience in team management and the coordination of the logistics for data collection, with advanced knowledge in electronic data collection platforms such as Kobo, Magpi and Google Forms, as well as knowledge in some data analysis software.

Azam AlAbedalhadi

Data Quality Specialist

Has good experience in Monitoring and Evaluation, worked for many projects as the Data Quality Manager, holding a Bachelor Degree in Pharmacy, working on many statistical programs and data collection platforms.


Ayman Al Mashhadani

Strategic Planning Consultant
He is preparing a master theses about strategic planning, has advised at local and regional levels has worked on strategic plans for several institutions, and has provided many trainings in this area.

Karam Heli

Consultant of market studies and local economy
He has MBA “Build Brands” Worked with many international and local organizations in economic and community development, consultant in participatory analysis of the value chain and local economy, as well as experience in participatory tools in community work, community organization and self-sufficiency projects.

Rami Hanano

Information Security Consultant
He holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, and he is preparing a master in the field of data mining, He has presented several training programs in the fields of information security coding, archiving and programming applications and websites, He also provides consultation and supervision on preparing of data management system and its coding and archiving in many companies and organizations.

Atheer Al Bahr

Electronic Marketing Consultant
He has a diploma in media, and certificates certified by Google in the field of e-marketing, he worked as a consultant in this field and managed several campaigns through social networking sites, in addition to providing many exercises in the areas of e-marketing, working online, and manage social networks accounts.

Our partners

Adwise Consultancy

Adwise provides consulting support to Indicators in several aspects including marketing studies, market analysis management and human resource management, as well as financial management.

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Raptor Software Center

Raptor is an associate of the Indicators Center in software, information security, coding and archiving systems.

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Strategos Consultancy

Our partner in strategic planning consultancy, In the integration between Indicators and Strategos field studies are conducted on general trends and on how to build strategic plans to deal with and plan accordingly, as well as to test strategic plans.

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