Indicators is a research institution specialized in analytics and data processing, provides services in three main sectors: business, humanitarian and research.

Our dream

Supporting decision makers in different institutions, companies and humanitarian organizations with information that provide clear insights to make more effective decisions. In addition to developing the capabilities of these institutions in the field of dealing with data and information through training and consulting. In addition to Contribute to raising the level of knowledge in the research methods, development of data collection tools, and data analysis and management.

Researchers Team

غيث 1

Gaith Al Bahr

Executive Director
Ghaith Humaidan

Ghaith Humaidan

Actions Director

Shaker Aktar

Research Coordinator

Anas Jamous

Technical Direction Officer

Tamara Al-Rasheed

Research Assistant
Research Assistant

Dergham Al-Ayyad

Research Assistant
عبد الله

Abdullah Affan

Research Assistant

Our partners