Humanitarian Sector


As a result of adopting a remote management, it is difficult for organizations to ensure good progress of the project and the achievement of its objectives, INDICATORS provides TPM service which guarantees the success of the project to donors.

INDICATORS services in TPM:
1-Third-party Monitoring.
3-Humanitarian Needs Assessment.
5-Impact Analysis.
6-Market Monitoring and Assessment.

How does Indicators help you in TPM?
1-Specialized consultants in the field of statistics, M&E methodologies.
2-Apply Accountability to Affected Population AAPs to ensure a successful project and enhance transparency for donors.
3-Provide reports with standard templates that meet the requirements of donors.
4-Make actionable recommendations that contribute to forming lessons learned for the organization and improving future projects.
5-The presence of supervisors who follow the field visits and check the data quality.


External Monitoring

Finding specialists in M&E who have skills that meet the organization’s needs and ensuring their continuity in work are considered very big challenges that organizations face, to overcome them, INDICATORS provides you with the service of external monitoring.

Our services in external monitoring:
1-Third Party Monitoring.
2-Needs assessment.
3-Beneficiary complaints tracking.
5-Market Assessment.

How does INDICATORS help you with external monitoring?
1-Provide all the requirements to achieve the required activities in M&E.
2-Provide the required services that are compatible with the allocated budget for M&E.
3-The presence of integrated team who is able to cover the M&E activities, no matter how big they are.
4-Prove transparency to donors due M&E activities done by an external party.

Accountability to Affected Populations AAP

The decision of providing funds is associated with many criteria, AAP is one of the most important criteria. INDICATORS provides the service of AAP system development for NGOs.

Our services in AAP:
1-Determine the raising awareness activities for affected population about complaint tools and methods.
2-Set systems and procedures to involve affected population in designing, implementing, and monitoring the humanitarian intervention.
3-Define tools to raise transparency and information sharing.
4-Design complaints and feedback mechanisms.
5-Develop complaints tracking system.

How does INDICATORS help you with AAP?
1-Previous experience in building AAP systems for many NGOs.
2-Encourage donors to raise funding due to the presence of the accountability system which emphasizes the organization’s transparency.
3-Building procedures that protect the organization from the cases of corruption and defamation.
4-Adoption of international AAP standards to ensure the donors’ acceptance.


System Operating Procedures (SOPs)

The lack of SOPs in organizations leads to stop the funds they receive. INDICATORS provides, with its specialized team, the service of building SOP systems.

Our services in SOPs:
1-Organize the existing procedures in the organization and document them.
2-Determine the tasks and responsibility of the M&E department.
3-Build templates for all activities in the M&E department.
4-Define procedures to manage and develop risk records.
5-Develop M&E plan template.
6-Design M&E budget template.

How does INDICATORS help you with SOPs?
1-Previous experience in developing SOPs for many organizations.
2-Adoption of international standards that ensure to donors the eligibility of the organization to receive funding.
3-Train the organization team and provide orientation to ensure good application of the SOP.
4-Save NGO’s institutional memory.


Employees low competencies, especially in the technical skills, causes big obstacles that hinder implementing projects and lower the organization performance in donors’ view, INDICATORS training contributes to building the capacity of employees in order to raise their skills to the required level.

Our training programs:
1-Data analysis using Excel, SPSS and other softwares.
2-Interactive reports using Power BI.
3-Questionnaire writing skills.
4-Sampling methodologies and sample size calculation.
5-Monitoring and evaluation.
6-Report writing skills.
7-Info-maps using Arc GIS, QGIS.

How does INDICATORS help you with training?
1-Provide coaching that guarantees practical experience.
2-Build the team skills in a way that achieves the organization’s commitments.
3-Training with practical case studies that enable employees highlight good performance of the organization.
4-The experience and specialization in research methodologies, data analysis, and training.



Implementing projects by only relying on the internal cadres limits the work fields, on the other hand, receiving consultancy service from specialized consultants, like INDICATORS, leads to reach a high-quality level and access new prospects.

Our services in consultancy:
1-Monitoring and evaluation methodologies.
2-Questionnaire design.
3-Sample methodologies and calculation of sample size.
4-Follow up the application of SOPs.
5-Follow up and ensure the application of AAP system.

How does INDICATORS help you with consultancy?
1-Ensure the high-quality implementation of procedures that Emphasizes the excellence of the organization to donors and to the relevant authorities.
2-Direct the exerted effort and money toward the most useful aspects.
3-Provide consultation services on-the-job and follow up on the staff capacity building in a practical manner.
4-Ensure the readiness of the organization for an external audit by following up the implementation of regulations and procedures guides.