Research Sector


Decision-makers suffer from the inability of determining the effective and proper decisions because of the tremendous complexity that we face, nowadays. INDICATORS provides decision-makers with a clear insights through opinion polls.

Our services in opinion polls:
1-Poll’s methodology development.
2-Peace polls.
3-Social polls.
4-Political polls.
5-Election polls.

How does INDICATORS help you with polls?
1-Specialized consultants in the field of polls, and their methodologies with long experience and scientific background.
2-Provide policy papers that give clear insights to decision-makers.
3-The presence of supervisors who follow up the field visits and check the quality of data.

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Indicators development

It is impossible to succeed in dealing with the political and social issues, and test the plans and the strategic decisions without the presence of a clear insights and continuous surveillance. INDICATORS company provides the service of indicators development in order to achieve following up consequences of their decisions.

Our services in indicators development:
1-Development of indicator’s tools.
2-Identify indicator’s sampling method and sample size calculation.
3-Build the method of indicator’s calculation.
4-Design an interactive platform to show the results of the indicator.

How does INDICATORS help you with indicators development?
1-Specialists in the statistics and indicators development who have experience and scientific background.
2-Build indicators depending on international methodologies, accurate and neutral calculation methods.
3-Field testing of the indicator to ensure any errors are handled.
4-Statistical testing of the indicator by measuring the reliability of its tools.

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Metrics development

The diagnose of any situation or circumstances that a member/organization faces helps to choose the right solutions and gives ideal methods of treatment, INDICATORS provides the service of metrics development that give accurate answers about the studied case.

Our services in metrics development:
1-Develop the metrics tool.
2-Build the method of calculating the metrics.
3-Design an electronic tool to apply the metrics and obtain results automatically.
4-Design guide to facilitate applying the metrics and show the suitable procedures for each result.

How does INDICATORS help you with metrics development?
1-Specialists in the statistics and metrics development who have experience and scientific background.
2-Build metrices depending on international methodologies.
3-Field testing of the metrics to ensure handling any errors.
4-Statistical testing of the metrics to check the reliability of its tools.

Research partnership

The lack of access to the studied community and the Lack of adequate information and knowledge about it leads to big gaps in the research, INDICATORS provides the service of research partnership to ensure better reading of the reality through conducting direct interviews with the target community, in addition to being contributing to the development of research methodology and tools.

Our services in research partnership:
1-Participate in designing the research methodology.
2-Contribute to developing the data collection tools.
3-Manage field teams and data collection activities.
4-Data analysis.
5-Report writing.

How does INDICATORS help you with research partnership?
1-The presence of consultants with wide knowledge on the Syrian issue and the middle east.
2-The presence of consultants in statistics and field research.
3-Experience in managing field teams and logistics in the middle east and conflict areas.
4-Trained data collection teams, in addition to a long experience.

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Statistical testing of research

Statistical tests are a must for any research findings to be recognized, but it is difficult to determine which statistical test should be used and the way of applying it, and interpret its findings. INDICATORS team has a wide experience in statistical tests which support the research institutions and researchers at all the stages of the research.

Our services in research statistical testing :
1-Design the research methodology.
2-Experimental design.
3-Help identify the proper test and its application.
4-Interpret the test findings.

How does INDICATORS help you with research statistical testing?
1-Scientific knowledge in experimental design.
2-Experience in statistical tests and their application using the most common statistical software.
3-Help in interpreting tests and building the research paper, and providing the final recommendations.

Research consultation

Mistakes in research may occur in any phase, and any mistake may cause research failure, to ensure implementing the research through scientific methodologies and right tools INDICATORS provides its services of research consultation.

Our services in consultation:
1-Build the research methodology.
2-Develop data collection tools.
3-Sampling methodology and sample size calculation.
4-Data analysis methods and tools.
5-Report writing.

How does INDICATORS help you with research consultation?
1-Supervision of specialists in research and statistics.
2-Provide coaching and follow up the research implementation.
3-Experience in diverse scientific research methodologies.
4-Provide realistic research with actionable recommendations that ensure the benefit to decision-makers.


To ensure the success of research institutions in providing useful and realistic research they must strive to develop their teams, INDICATORS provides training in research on the latest international methodologies and the best data analysis software.

Our training programs:
1-Opinion polls.
2-Research methodologies.
3-Data analysis.
4-Interactive reports.
6-Report writing skills.

How does INDICATORS help you with training?
1-Experience in most data analysis programs.
2-Training by using realistic examples that ensure acquiring practical experience.
3-The presence of trainers who are specialized in statistics and research methodologies and who have provided training for many years and for many research institutions.
4-Following the training with consultations, also, provide coaching to ensure the right application of what trainees learned.

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