Syrian Work Report via the Internet

Syrian Work Report via the Internet

Online work has become a popular choice recently, according to the studies conducted by the Freelancers Union that there are more than 55 million Americans or 35% of the American workforce working via the Internet as (Freelancers) and this number is increasing, this market has achieved a profit of about one trillion dollars a year.
Working online is a good opportunity for the Syrians to suit the nature of the spatial instability they live in. Where a person will need only an internet connection and can continue to work, in addition to benefit from exchange teams, which earns a good income compared to the expenses of life in Syria.
Indictors Center presents the final report of its study on the employment of Syrians via the Internet, which explains the reality of this market inside Syria.

Research Team:
Ghaith Albahr
Emad Alsari
Khaled Brram
Ghaith Hmedan
Azam Alhadi
Anas Jamous

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